Our honey and maple syrup products are arranged into themed sets, which we call collections. Some collections, like our spiced, boozy, and varietal flavors, we stock year-round, and we also offer a rotation of four delicious seasonal sets. If you’re not sure where to start, our sampler boxes are a perfect gift or treat, with five flavors to try from each collection.

Our online store carries additional flavors we may not carry at markets, so you can find all of your favorites. Whether you’re looking for warm spiced and fall flavors, or refreshing floral and fruity, browse our options below to find just what you want.

Our Collections

Boozy Maple Syrup

Our boozy collection is exclusive to maple syrup, made with pure Indiana maple and real alcoholic beverages. The alcohol is removed in the process, leaving deep flavor that’s perfect for the whole family. Whether it’s amaretto syrup on your pancakes, or bourbon maple syrup glazed ribs, these flavors are crowd pleasers.

Our varietal collection is pure, delicious honey made from bees pollinating specific plants. Also known as monofloral honey, these can have vastly different flavor profiles while remaining completely pure, we don’t add anything! Our varietal creamed honeys are whipped to a spreadable texture and range from a dark, rich buckwheat honey to a light, slightly citrusy orange blossom honey. They’re perfect for a honey lover who wants to try something special.

Spiced Maple Syrup

Spiced maple syrup is pure maple syrup infused with real whole spices.  The ingredients may be simple but the flavors are strong, from cinnamon syrup that tastes like french toast, to allspice syrup that tastes like the holidays, these flavors are customer favorites for a reason.

Our spiced honey is made with the same pure spices and creamed to a texture like frosting, versatile enough for any purpose you need it for. Cinnamon honey is perfect on bagels or muffins, while hot honey can kick your cooking to the next level.

Spiced Creamed Honey

Our floral collection is a spring seasonal, available in spring and summer.

Floral maple syrup is made with natural flavorings for a rich, fresh botanical twist. Try lavender syrup in herbal teas and lemonade, or hibiscus syrup on crepes and fruit for a lighter flavor.

Our floral honey is naturally flavored and creamed to a spreadable texture. This set includes flavors like lavender and rose, that pair well with tea or yogurt.

Fruity Maple Syrup Collection

Our fruity collection is a summer seasonal, available in summer and fall.

Fruity maple syrup is made with natural flavorings for a refreshing addition to your sweet treats. Flavors like blueberry are classic for pancakes, while peach is great for tea or cobbler.

Fruity honeys are creamed with natural flavorings to a spreadable texture. Lemon honey is an obvious match for tea, while flavors like banana and strawberry are great for smoothies!

Fall Maple Syrup Artsy

Our fall collection is an autumn seasonal, available just in time for pumpkin season and into winter.

Our fall maple syrup is made with either whole spices or natural flavorings to get you in the mood for corn mazes and pumpkin patches. Pumpkin spice syrup is great for coffee, or use allspice syrup in your baked goods.

Fall honey is flavored and creamed. Try spreading flavors like butter pecan or pumpkin honey on toast, or stirring ginger honey into your tea.

Fall Creamed Honey

Our winter collection is a cold weather seasonal, available for holiday gifts and hot drinks, until spring starts blooming.

Our winter maple syrup is flavored with warm, comforting flavors to keep you cozy through the winter months. The set includes flavors like refreshing peppermint to stir into hot drinks, and delicious chai to spice up your pancakes.

Our winter honey is naturally flavored and whipped to a texture like frosting. This set includes multiple holiday spiced options for tea and coffee, and a bright peppermint for a unique touch.