Dragonwood’s Gifting Solutions

Need gifts that lots of people love?  Want to buy from a small business?  Want a product ready to gift the way it is?  We can help with that.

Dragonwood’s gift boxes are ready to wrap, or give just as they are.  People love getting food as gifts, and our products wow with premium flavors.

Choose an existing sampler or full size gift box, or we will build one to meet your needs.


Three Dragonwood samplers, each containing five jars.

Dragonwood sampler boxes are perfect starter packs to try out a variety of our products.  Samplers are great gifts for families, or for gifting to individuals without having to pick a specific flavor. They contain five sample sized jars, and are available for each of our honey and syrup collections.

Dragonwood's Honey Lover's gift box, Maple Leaf gift box, and Premium Syrup gift box.

Dragonwood full size gift boxes are designed for gifting full size product conveniently.  Our gift boxes have a convenient carrying handle, and are attractive and sturdy, suitable for gifting as is, or wrapping in paper.


Dragonwood's Custom Sampler contains five two ounce jars of your choice

We will build a custom sampler with five honey or syrup flavors of your choice for your gift recipient to try.

Dragonwood's Custom Gift Box contains two products of your choice

We can build a custom full sized gift box with two products of your choice for the person you have in mind.