Electronic Gift Cards Now Available


New Product - Electronic Gift Cards Electronic gift cards are now available from our online store.  As a 100% electronic solution, electronic gift cards can be purchased and redeemed through our online store. Shop Now How Electronic Gift Cards Work Electronic gift cards are easy to purchase and use.  Electronic gift cards must be purchased through our online store.  The purchaser enters the email address of the person the cards is being assigned to.  When the sale is complete, the recipient receives an email with a unique gift card code that they can apply in the Dragonwood

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Dragonwood’s COVID-19 Response


Impact To Dragonwood Like many small businesses, Dragonwood has been severely affected by COVID-19. While we are blessed to be in good health, financially we are suffering. We focus on quality, innovation, and customer service, with the vast majority of our revenue coming from face to face sales at large events, 100% of which have been canceled in compliance with public policy. As a result, our revenue has dropped by more than 90%. What We Are Doing We look forward to the day when society returns to normal, and we can again serve you,

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