Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is the spreadable form of honey, made by causing liquid honey to crystallize into a fine frosting-like texture.  Creamed honey is sometimes called spun honey or whipped honey.

Use creamed honey as a replacement for frosting or jams and jellies, on foods such as muffins, bagels, and cake, or use as a sweetener for tea.  Check out our collection pages or individual products for suggestions on how to use it, the possibilities are as varied as our flavors.

You can view all our creamed honey products in our online store.

Wildflower Creamed Honey

Dragonwood’s Indiana wildflower creamed honey is made with pure, delicious local honey, whipped to a spreadable texture. It’s easier to store to easy to serve as a spread or dissolve into hot water.

Alfalfa Blossom Creamed Honey

Varietal honey is one of our collections, a set of different monofloral honeys. They are pure honey with nothing added, but naturally have a range of flavor profiles. We sell these as creamed honey for ease of use.

Creamed Honey Jars

Our flavored honeys are arranged into collections, themed sets of flavors. These range from our crowd-pleasing spiced collection with cinnamon and hot honey, to our summer seasonal fruity collection with peach and lemon honey.

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