Creamed Honey

We typically sell our flavored honey options in the form of creamed honey. Creamed honey is the spreadable form of honey, made by causing liquid honey to crystallize into a fine frosting-like texture.  It is sometimes called spun honey or whipped honey. For our flavored honeys, we add spices or natural flavorings to create unique and delicious combinations with a variety of uses. Creamed honey can be used as a replacement for frosting or jams and jellies, on foods such as muffins, bagels, and cake. It can also be used in tea and coffee, spread on apple slices, and so much more!

Our honeys come in different collections of products along a theme.  We feature our varietal and spiced collections year-round, as well as a seasonal rotation of four delicious sets of flavors. Our sampler boxes are a perfect place to start, with five flavors to try from each collection,  and they also make really great gifts.  Try one today!

You can browse our honey collections below or shop all of our creamed honey products in our online store.

Our Collections

Our varietal creamed honeys have no added flavoring, just pure delicious honey!

Our varietals range from delicate orange blossom to rich buckwheat blossom, each of them perfect for anything you would use our standard wildflower honey for. Spread them on toast, pretzel sticks, apple slices, or use them as a natural sweetener.

Spiced Creamed Honey

Spiced honey is pure Indiana wildflower honey infused with real spices.  Simple ingredients produce exotic flavors.

Try spiced honey with your breakfast for an extra kick of flavor.  For example. cinnamon honey pairs perfectly with apple slices and tastes just like fresh applesauce, and cardamom honey is perfect for your tea. Or, use hot honey when roasting vegetables or chicken.

Our floral honey is made with pure Indiana wildflower honey and all natural flavors.

Floral honey is especially good in tea or coffee, in addition to typical use as a spread.

Our fruity honey is pure Indiana honey and all natural flavors.

Fruity honey is perfect on oatmeal, in smoothies, or replace jams and jellies on toast or muffins.

Fall Creamed Honey

Our fall honey is made with pure Indiana wildflower honey and all natural flavors.

Our fall collection includes a mix of warm, comforting flavors to spread on your breakfast or stir into your coffee.

Winter honey is pure Indiana wildflower honey with all natural flavorings.

Our winter collection is perfect for cold mornings, with flavors like chai and mulling spice to warm you up and peppermint for a refreshing winter kick in hot drinks.

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