Dragonwood Honey

Honey and Apiary Varieties

Pure Honey

Pure liquid honey from Indiana wildflowers packaged in plastic and glass containers.

Pure liquid Indiana wildflower honey is our most commonly purchased form of honey.

Creamed Honey Jars

Spreadable honey in pure, flavored, and spiced varieities.

Creamed honey is a more versatile form than liquid honey.  Spread on apples, bagels, muffins, cakes, and more.

Honey Comb And Chunk Honey

Honey in its most natural state, still in the wax cells.

Honey comb is the best form of honey for nostalgic and purist experiences.

Honey Stick 10 Packs

Straws filled with liquid honey in pure and flavored varieties.

Honey sticks are great for treats for kids, snacks, an energy boost for exercising, and more.

Indiana Bee Pollen

Pure pollen, collected in central Indiana.

Pollen is commonly purchased as a natural food product believed by some to help with seasonal allergies.

Beeswax Blocks

Pure beeswax, made by bees, a byproduct of extracted honey production.

Beeswax has many uses from beeswax candles, to waterproofing boots, to homemade cosmetics.

Popular Honey Products