This glass jar of chunk honey contains chunks of cut comb honey, drawn on first year (clean) comb, surrounded by extracted pure natural honey.  All of the chunk honey we sell comes from our own beehives, where we tightly control our processes to produce a very high quality product.  We package this product at room temperature and is not pasturized.

Our chunk honey is selected from first year honeycomb in order to keep flavor profiles focused on the floral flavors coming from the nectar brought in by the bees.  While some producers may pack older darkened comb or even brood comb, we do not allow that in our processes.

Our hives are also exclusively wildflower hives, producing a diversity of floral flavors, not from commercial pollination.  Chunk honey from commercial pollination can have inferior flavor, as the nectar profile can be narrow to the pollinated crop.

The wax is perfectly edible, and can be chewed like chewing gum. The comb may or may not contain a few cells of pollen. Around the comb, the jar is filled with our fresh, raw, wildflower honey.

Chunk honey can be spread with a knife on toast or similar products, as you would regular honey.  Any wax is so thin, it is often not discernable when put onto some sort of bread or other product.