Pure Honey

We sell pure honey in your choice of plastic squeeze bottles or glass jars, as well as in both liquid form and in the spreadable form of creamed honey. Our standard liquid honey is pure Indiana wildflower.

Pure Honey Varieties

Pure Honey Squeeze Bottles

Pure liquid Indiana wildflower honey in squeeze bottles is our most popular item.  Our squeeze bottles include a flip top lid with drip control nozzle for clean dispensing.

Pure Honey In Jar

Our hex jar packaging provides a more upscale display for our pure liquid Indiana wildflower honey.  Use a spoon or honey dipper to dispense.

Honey Comb In A Box

Honeycomb is a nostalgic form of honey, about as pure as honey can possibly be. It isn’t pasteurized or processed, just cut from the frame and packaged in its naturally beautiful state. You can eat it by itself, or spread it on bread.

Wildflower Creamed Honey

Our creamed honey is whipped to a spreadable texture, perfect for toast or muffins. In addition to Indiana wildflower honey, we also carry pure varietal creamed honeys, made from bees pollinating specific plants.

Popular Pure Honey Products