Terms And Conditions


We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  All payments are due at checkout and must be made at checkout. We do not provide options to ship and bill later. If at checkout a payment is not received or the payment method is declined no items will be shipped.


An order may be cancelled up until payment has been processed. Once the payment is processed, the order is considered final and the buyer is responsible for payment and the items will ship as normal. You may still contact us to request an attempt to cancel the order and refund; however there is no guarantee that we will be able to, nor are we obligated to do so.

Backorders And Substitutions

We try to avoid situations where orders cannot be fulfilled due to running out of inventory.  But occasionally such situations arise, such as when sales from multiple channels overrun inventory before we can set the item out of stock on the website.

If we are out of stock, and we expect to produce additional product quickly, we typically will hold the order until the stock is replenished.  This may result in a few day’s delay, but results in delivering what you ordered.  We typically do not send notification in this case, as the impact is similar to delays that can be expected from shipping exceptions.  If you are concerned about a delay and have not received a tracking number within the normal shipping window, feel free to contact us and ask for an update.

If we are out of stock, and we expect a significant delay for product to come back into stock, we will contact you with options.  Usually if this happens, it is with creamed honey, which has a cure time of about two weeks.  Typically we can offer the following options: 1) a substitute product of same value, 2) a refund of the affected part of the order, or 3) to hold and wait.  In such a case, we need your clear response to our inquiry in order to know how to best proceed, and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Rarely, we can end up out of stock and not have a plan for the product to come back in stock, as would be the case for discontinued items.  Typically we can offer the following options: 1) a substitute product of same value, 2) a refund of the affected part of the order.    In such a case, we need your clear response to our inquiry in order to know how to best proceed, and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Where We Ship To

We currently offer shipping with the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and US Territories.  We do not ship internationally at this time.

Shipping And Handling Costs

By default, we offer flat rate shipping and handling, which we attempt to maintain at roughly what our shipping costs average given the size and weight of our products.

Free shipping may be available for orders over a particular dollar amount.  Free shipping is not automatically applied, as some people prefer free shipping, while others prefer to pay for shipping as a matter of helping small businesses with their costs.  We leave that decision to you.  If you wish to take advantage of free shipping, please be sure to select the correct option when checking out.  If you choose to pay for shipping even when free shipping is available, then we thank you kindly for your generosity!

Other shipping options may be made available from time to time, such as if we run specials.  These options may not be applied automatically.  Please select the option you desire at checkout.

Please choose your shipping options carefully, as we may not be able to change them once the order is placed, and we are not obligated to do so.

Handling Time

We target handling times of two business days or less.  Please understand exceptions can occur particularly because we are a small business, but we try hard to meet our goal of two business days.

You should receive an email notification with a tracking number once handling is complete and we have shipped.

Shipping Time

You should receive an email notification with a tracking number once handling is complete and we have shipped.

We primarily ship USPS Priority Mail.  Once you receive your tracking number, typically you should receive your package in one to three business days, with the fastest being within central Indiana, which is where we ship from.  Orders shipped to distant places from our shipping location will obviously take longer.  Please use the USPS tracking information provided in the automated email (or enter it on the USPS tracking page), to monitor your shipment.

Temperature Risks

All of our products are suitable for shipping and storage prior to opening, at room temperature and thereabouts.

Some products are subject to physical changes and/or damage under wide temperature variations.  We regularly ship all of our products across broad temperature geographies and rarely have issues because modern shipping methods and human behaviors and the robustness of our products typically result in no issues.  But we want to educate you about how to reduce risks, and who bears the risks by policy.


Creamed honey is subject to melting at around 96 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is not unique to our product, but rather a fact of physics and honey.  We do not restrict the shipment of creamed honey based on time of year, temperatures, geographies, or other such things, as the number of factors are simply too changing and variable.  Furthermore, the majority of risk is under customer control, not our control.  We ask that our customers apply common sense, and take action to mitigate melting risks, including the following:

  • Order products that melt, when the weather is going to be cooler rather than warmer.
  • Track your package and be sure to get it indoors right away when it arrives.  Do not let it sit in the sun, a hot mailbox, or an enclosed car that does not have its air conditioner running.
  • If you expect the package to arrive when you cannot retrieve it right away, try to arrange with someone you know to be there to receive it, or work with the shipping company to see if they can hold it for you to pick up or make other arrangements such as leaving it with a neighbor or in a cool place on your property.

If creamed honey does arrived melted, understand that melting does not change its suitability for consumption.  It is just liquid rather than spreadable, but should otherwise taste the same.  You can use it as you would normal squeeze bottle honey.  If it is not completely melted, you may be able to re-cream it by cycling it in and out of the refrigerator about once every 12-24 hours, stirring each time before you put it into the refrigerator.

Please understand that we do not replace nor refund shipped products that arrive melted, as we cannot control the temperature risk factors once shipped, nor can we predict whether melting would be an issue on the receiving end.  We believe in freedom of choice, common sense, and the acceptance that life is full of adventures and risks.  And we leave it up to you, our customers, to make wise decisions and manage the risks.


Our products generally are tolerant of freezing, though generally results are better if the product is not allowed to freeze.  Below are some of the risks.

Maple syrup can be frozen; in fact, freezing aids preservation.  And it doesn’t freeze quite the same way as water because of its high sugar content.  However we recommend against allowing liquids in glass to freeze.  The key here generally is to use your tracking information and arrange to retrieve your package shortly after it arrives, if the temperatures are below freezing.

Creamed honey may have a slight appearance change after freezing.  We occasionally experience frozen creamed honey in our operations for a variety of reasons, with no problems.  But again we advise against freezing products in glass where possible.

Any of our products which arrive frozen, should not be any less suitable for consumption for having been frozen; simply allow to thaw.  The common sense exception is that if glass has cracked or broken, the product should be disposed for safety reasons.  You are responsible for this decision and the risks it entails, and we do not accept liability nor issue refunds nor replacements in such situations.

Lost Packages

Dragonwood LLC is not liable for any products lost during shipping. If your shipment does not arrive within the timeframe that you expect, please use the tracking information provided to track the shipment, and resolve any concerns with the shipping company. Shipping company policies may vary as to whether they will formally declare a product lost, and the timeframe within which an insurance claim for lost shipment may be filed. Please refer to the specific shipping company for their policies.

If you determine that your shipment is lost, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the shipping company to receive an insurance payout to compensate you for the lost shipment.

If you do NOT wish to receive replacement product, such as in the case of a time sensitive gift that becomes obsolete when the shipment is lost, simply file your claim with the shipment company. There is no need to contact us.

If you DO wish to receive replacement product, such as in the case of restocking your pantry, in addition to filing the insurance claim with the shipping company, simply place a new order on our website, and the new order should process normally.

Damaged Packages

For shipments that have visibly damaged external boxes (for example, crushed packages), please first photo document the external condition of the package, then contact the shipping company (typically the USPS) to get their advice on how to proceed, as they may advise that you not open the box, or it may be that you can collect insurance from them.

If after consulting with the shipping company, and the package is then opened and found to have unacceptably damaged contents, please photo document this damage as well.  If you are unable to resolve the issue with the shipping company, please contact us for discussion so that we may attempt to resolve the issue.

If products are damaged due to melting or freezing, please see the section about Temperature Risks on this page.

Refunds, Returns, and Complaints

Because our products are food, we do not accept returns.  Please do not return product to us; if you do return product to us, it will be destroyed.  If you have issues with your received order, please send us pictures instead of returning the product, unless we request that you return it.

If you are dissatisfied with our service, product, or shipment, please contact us so that we may hear your feedback and attempt to resolve whatever concerns you have.

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