About Dragonwood

Who We Are

At Dragonwood, we keep bees, tap trees, and produce premium food products based on natural sugars.  We have hundreds of hives, thousands of taps, one of the largest maple syrup evaporators in Indiana, and a custom built state inspected food production facility.  We have a large portfolio of proprietary infusions, flavors, and packaging.

Our History

  • 2004:  First beehive purchased as a Christmas gift
  • 2009:  Started selling fresh, pure, raw honey at the Kokomo Downtown Farmer’s Market
  • 2015:   Inspected facility put in place, entry into first fairs, festivals, shows
  • 2020:  Massive COVID impact drives innovation into mall kiosk, new infusions, and seasonal collections
  • 2021:   Website revamped for nationwide e-commerce, CPC advertising, portfolio redesigned around themed collections including boozy maple syrup
  • 2022:  To be continued…

Our Future

While none of us can predict the future in great detail, it is our hope to continue bringing more reasons to smile, to more people, with an growing portfolio of high quality food products.  Innovation, quality, and continuous improvement, has been a cornerstone of our evolution over the years, and will surely continue to be keys to our growth in the future.

Our Leadership

Dragonwood is owned and operated by Mike Gerig, a lifelong resident of Indiana.  Mike grew up in a rural setting in the Fort Wayne area, with an engineering father and nurse mother, both avid photographers, gardeners, and musicians.  He grew up canning and freezing fruits and vegetables, and playing piano, and traveling to the mountains every summer.  This environment resulted in an understanding of the importance of math and science and truth as is necessary in engineering and health care, deep appreciation of quality in the arts, and a deep connection to nature and the realities of how good quality food is produced.

In young adulthood, Mike received a degree in Computer Science from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, and was awarded a US patent in the software domain.  Mike worked in the global automotive electronics supply chain, where he received certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt. and led global quality and continuous improvement initiatives , including design and oversight of fully automated software quality tests operating around the globe.

At Dragonwood, Mike has developed one of the largest portfolios of high quality natural sugar based value added products in the United States, recognized by Indiana Artisan and Indiana Grown.  Mike has a number of innovative food products planned for the future .. stay tuned!

Michael Gerig, Owner