Taste the Boozy Syrups

Welcome to our Boozy Syrup Line! We launched Bourbon Infused Syrup in October 2020, and it became an immediate fan favorite, so we decided to create new boozy infused syrups to keep the party going. Real alcohol is added to every batch, and then boiled to remove the alcohol, leaving a top notch flavor you will want to use all the time. This collection includes 4 new flavors, in addition to our wonderful bourbon syrup, and a new boozy sampler so you can try them all! Available online, or visit our where to buy page to see where to taste samples in person!

The Boozy Flavors

Dragonwood Boozy Syrups are delicious! Drizzle the merlot over breakfast for purple pancakes. Use the bourbon as a glaze or marinade for grilling meats like chicken and salmon. Pour all of them over pancakes, waffles, and vanilla ice cream.